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JUST SOLD: $835,000 – 16 days, 3 Offers, Sold at the Highest PSF – 1863 Alberni

Listed and Sold by Juliana: congratulations to my seller clients! I just sold this beautiful West End condo at 1102 – 1863 Alberni Street, Vancouver – Lumiere 987 Sf, 2 …

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Seminar 为您的孩子精明投资Downtown公寓 – 权威讲座

我想帮孩子在温哥华买房。 我的孩子现在在租房吗?我想帮孩子一把、给他们付首付、让他们自己付贷款。 我的孩子快要大学毕业、或快开始找工作了。是现在帮他们买房还是等他们大学毕业后再买? 我的孩子想开始独立、自己搬出去住公寓。 我的孩子还未成年,我想现在以他们的名字买公寓作投资,可行吗? 如果您有这些想法,并有以下疑问: 我想在Downtown买公寓,但downtown这么大,不知道从哪里开始。 Downtown是不是很贵?我听说Coal Harbour 和Yaletown这两个区,还有其它地区吗? 给孩子买一卧室还是两卧室?什么价位? 我打算花50万买,可以买到什么样的公寓? 我的预算在80-100万内,可以在downtown的什么区买什么样的公寓? 如果我帮孩子付首付,孩子每月还贷多少,还有其它费用吗? 我的孩子还没工作,没有信用记录,拿得到贷款吗? 如果我现在买了,孩子暂时不搬进去住,可以出租吗?好租吗? 我想帮孩子投资公寓,几年后卖掉,利润要交税吗?交多少? 如果您有以上的疑问,请来参加10月15日在Downtown香格里拉酒店举行的权威讲座,您以上的疑问将得到5位本地地产、税收、法律、贷款、与物业管理权威的解答! 时间:上午9:30 – 11, 10月15日,星期三,2014年 地点:downtown Shangri-La Hotel, 6 楼,Blue Moon Theatre, 蓝月剧场 …

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Seminar in Mandarin – October 15 – Helping Your Children Buy Condos in Downtown Vancouver!

On October 15, 2014, Wednesday, come join me and four of Vancouver’s most prestigious experts in tax, legal, mortgage and property management, at Shangri-La Hotel for an informative and educational seminar …

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Friday New Listings – Coal Harbour, Downtown, Yaletown & West End

Some spectacular luxury condos came on the market today in Coal Harbour, central downtown, Yaletown and West End: 3201 – 1499 W Pender St – West Pender Place 3704 – 833 …

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Just Listed: Villa 8 – 9 Smithe Mews, Vancouver – False Creek

Waterfront Villa Living in False Creek! View more information on Villa 8 – 9 Smithe Mews in False Creek. Take a tour of this rarely available three-bedroom waterfront Villa 8 …

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Just Sold – 1801 1925 Alberni St, Vancouver – West End

Congratulations to my seller client! I have sold this hidden gem in West End in 56 days, achieving the highest sale price per sq. ft. in the building since 2013. …

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Talking about Gesamtkunstwerk Exhibition on Global Mandarin

Watch me at the 20th minute (20:00) on Global Mandarin talk about Gesamtkunstwerk Exhibition!  

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Vancouver Robson Street the Second Most Expensive Shopping Strip in Canada

Shopping in Downtown Vancouver is getting exciting again! Vancouver’s high-end shopping corridors are on a rebound – seeing an influx of U.S. chains and luxury brands recently. This has contributed …

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New Listing: 3101 – 838 W Hastings, Downtown Vancouver – Jameson House

Jameson House – 838 W Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC A New Level of Sophistication Nestled in the northwest corner, #3101 occupies spacious 2,101 sq. ft., boasting an open living and …

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