New Website Launch – the First Blog!

My new website is finally launched! The development and creation of took three months. I browsed hundreds of websites and drew inspiration from all kinds of industries and businesses other than real estate, such as retail, fashion, shopping, news, entertainment, and many awesome blogs out there. In addition to being informational, I wanted this website to incorporate elements that are personal that you can relate to. I want my readers and clients to have some fun on my website!

This is a 100% customized website, thanks to my brilliant designer William. It started with sketches and mock-up pages. I was involved in everything from content and page layout, to font size, positioning and size of every image. Many discussions and revisions took place. This process really made me grow more appreciation for what it takes to build a website.

I am proud of this website and aim to make it informational, helpful, interesting, and fun. Thank you so much for visiting! I hope you enjoy the site and come back soon!


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